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Photoshopping the holiday feels

Part of my obligations for this school year is to create publicity materials for my batch. I had to make cover photos for our FB group for the holidays, and these are the stuff I came up with.

holidaysSilhouettes are my favorite things to work with because they are easy and they look great! (P.S. I know it doesn’t snow here.)


I wanted the sparklers light painting effect so I did that for the text on the bottom. I also created a glittery effect which I masked on gradient on the top part only so it wouldn’t be overkill on the bottom part.


Christmas Party at Dar’s


Instax early in the morning (we’re not complete in this picture because apparently some people got knocked out early).


I definitely had fun and I’m pretty sure everyone else, too.



Say hello to my mom!

I made this quick vector for her birthday card a month ago.

Even if you can’t remember



Decided to make some fan art.

Anyway, good night.

They’re like a little analogue family now.



Now if only my Diana and my La Sardina are in this picture.

(In this picture: Pentax MZ-50, Instax Mini 90, LC-A, Canon EOS Kiss 5, LC-Wide)

Some more Instax fun

I totally abused the double exposure mode. (Heck, I wouldn’t even buy this without its retro look, flash control and double exposure mode.)


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Processing film for the first time

So yesterday, we were finally taught how to process our own black and white film. More like, the professor told us what to do (take the film out of your canister, place it in the reel, follow the guide for the chemicals) and left. But she has this assistant Manong Danny who is so nice and helpful, he opened my canisters for me. Thanks so much Manong Danny. 😦

Can I just share, my film photography prof is kinda a terror prof from what I’ve been hearing. But yesterday I was late for class and I went to our classroom, not knowing I should proceed to the darkroom/photo lab. After asking the college secretary if she has any idea on where my class is, I was led to the darkroom. Some film upperclassmen students were outside hanging out, and because I’m actually an Econ major I didn’t know anyone to ask but I just asked anyway. It went on like this.

Me: Excuse me, can I just ask if there’s a class going on inside?
Person 1: Yes, it’s Film 110 with Prof. Anne.
Person 2: (eyes wide) Lagot ka, late ka na… (You’re doomed… You’re already late…)
Person 3: Mumurahin ka nun… (She’s going to curse at you.)
Person 1: Pero sige fight mo lang, pasok ka sa gilid wag ka magpahalata. (But go ahead, enter the side and don’t get noticed.)
Person 2: Kung di ka pansinin go ka lang, bilisan mo. (If she doesn’t pay attention to you, just go and hurry up.)
Person 3: But it’s okay, she’s just gonna hate your forever. Good luck!

I got really scared. But I don’t know why but she actually just ignored me completely. Last time someone was late she didn’t let it go.

Moving on, I developed two rolls of film. I feel bad ’cause I’m pretty sure the photos would otherwise look nice if I didn’t fail with the processing part. But I have to learn, right? I just wish I didn’t put so much effort in shooting those photos. It took me forever to properly load the film into the reel, and my first roll had parts sticking together. The second roll, I accidentally opened the tank cover instead of the little cap at the top for pouring chemicals, so I ended up exposing them.

I don’t have a dedicated film scanner at home so I used my flatbed scanner and used the iPhone for backlight. Here are the results:

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Instax Mini 90 is finally here!


Here it is, at last!

I haven’t really named my LC-Wide, but I think I have an idea for this baby’s name.

Figuring out the controls on this camera is really easy, you don’t even have to read the manual.

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Grain against pixels


I tried to digitize old negatives by clipping them against my computer LCD and photographing them with a DSLR, but the results are terrible. I even captured the pixels of my computer. 😦

I think my next target is a film scanner. It would be worth it in the long run.

Also, I have irrelevant news. My Instax Mini 90 will finally be delivered within the week! (I pray that customs will not rip me off for tax.)

I get through the day because of you


Thank you for being there all the time.