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I’m back

I honestly thought I would abandon this blog like every other blog I had. But I promised myself I won’t!

So yes, here I am again after 5 months of not saying anything. My life has been boring yet difficult, I couldn’t explain it very well. Maybe one day the chemicals of my brain will go stable and I can comfortably talk about the things I’ve been going through.

So many things has happened since my last post. I’ll be posting something new in a few.

I made a Tumblr account. Again.

I’ve been trying to steer clear of Tumblr because in my whole life, I made 3 accounts before and they end up being inactive!

So here you go, my new Tumblr!

I will not abandon that one, I promise. 🙂

So in my WordPress I’ll do more talking, and in my Tumblr it will be all visuals.

Last analogue splurge of the year

Today, I received a phone call from DHL informing me of my customs duties for the LC-W that I purchased last week. I bought it for less than 60 USD (after piggies and discounts), and I have to pay 3,100 pesos for duties, which is approximately 70 USD. It hurts. I wish the taxable part was the amount I paid for ’cause seriously, I’m paying more in tax than how much I got the item for. The tax just doubled the price.

So I was pretty bummed about the news, and because I have such weird logic (and okay I still have the refund in gift credits from Lomography), I impulsively went to the Lomography website, added an Instax Mini 90 to my cart plus two more packs of 800CN film and just decided to buy it. MAAAN. I promise, this is the last for the year. I’ve been spending too much on these things.

For 2013 alone, I have 4 camera acquisitions already! Thank God all of them were in great bargain prices. 😉

Anyway, Instax Mini 90, you’ll be mine… next week.


Soon to be my baby. I should start thinking of a name.

An update to my LSI online shop problem

Before the promo period ended, they refunded me 100 HKD in gift credits even though they took 126 USD from me. They even told me to place my order before the promo ends. Which means, they are asking me to use my credit card to pay for my purchase, and they’ll refund me later on with gift credits, which sort of doubles their revenues.

So I did place another order yesterday before the promo ended, hoping that it’ll be dispatched today because their terms & conditions in fact state that all orders placed before 9:00 CET will be shipped on the same working day. But no, it wasn’t shipped today.

On the brighter side of life, I did get my refund in gift credits a while ago. Maybe after I used them up, I won’t buy from the LSI online shop again.

What I do not like about the Lomography online shop

It has got to be bad customer service.

When I first bought from them (I bought a Diana), the delivery was really fast. Two or three days after I placed my order, I got my hands on the camera already. But there was only one issue I had, the frame masks were nowhere to be found (yes, I checked every fold in the box, it wasn’t there).

So I brought this up to customer service, and it took them forever to reply. When they replied, they told me to look carefully in the box. And I already did. But it takes them forever to reply! After a month, they finally resolved to send me a new one. After weeks of waiting, I got a LENS CAP. A FRIGGIN LENS CAP.

So it took a lot of pestering again to get a reply from LSI, only to be told again to look into the box. I was getting really frustrated, it was leading me nowhere. Eventually they agreed to send me a new set of frame masks, which I never got. It was a terrible experience.

Sometime later I told myself I really need a La Sardina, so I used up a few piggies combined with a 20% off discount (that time it was still possible to combine piggies with vouchers) and hoped that there will be no problem. And there was no problem.

Fast forward to two days ago, I finally spent all my hard-earned piggies together with gift credits to buy an LC-Wide because it was at 30% off. I ended up paying 0 USD. I was so happy, until I realized my order has been pending for two days whereas before, I get my item within that amount of time.

I contacted LSI again, and I was told that the order didn’t push through and no payment was captured. I was also told that if I want to order again, I can do so but I should make sure that my card works. WHICH SUCKS, because first, my card works. Second, I didn’t need a card in the first place. I didn’t pay for anything because I used solely gift credits and piggies. Third, they already took my gift credits, how do I order again? Urgh.


The camera that started it

When I was 13 years old (about five years ago), I encountered an online article written by Macy Alcaraz about an odd-looking camera with four lenses. It was called a SuperSampler. I read further and discovered that there is in fact something called “Lomography Movement.” Back then, I wasn’t too much into those sorts of things but I wanted to get a Lomography camera for myself, for its novelty. But because I was a broke high school student who didn’t understand why I should be paying so much for “obsolete” plastic cameras, I decided against buying it.

Some time after, I got hooked to photography. So when I was 15 years old, my parents gave me a Nikon D90 (which I named Caroline). It’s one of my favorite objects in the world. I’ve been learning so many things from the moment I got it, until now.

But fast forward to this day, DSLRs are a common thing. Everyone has it. Apart from that, the iPhones have sort of killer cameras (I have to admit I love using the iPhone camera). It’s sort of tiring to see (and take) the “same” photos all the time.

That is why on October 2012, I found myself in the Lomography website again. And that time, I didn’t hold back. I just plunged in and got myself my first ever Lomography camera, a Diana F+ (which I named Claudia. I just love naming my cameras haha).