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At one point in my life, I thought things will get better



Christmas card from a bored and vain person


Photoshopping the holiday feels

Part of my obligations for this school year is to create publicity materials for my batch. I had to make cover photos for our FB group for the holidays, and these are the stuff I came up with.

holidaysSilhouettes are my favorite things to work with because they are easy and they look great! (P.S. I know it doesn’t snow here.)


I wanted the sparklers light painting effect so I did that for the text on the bottom. I also created a glittery effect which I masked on gradient on the top part only so it wouldn’t be overkill on the bottom part.



Say hello to my mom!

I made this quick vector for her birthday card a month ago.

Even if you can’t remember



Decided to make some fan art.

Anyway, good night.



He isn’t called ‘mad hatter’ for nothing


The mad hatter was so mad at Alice,

so he let her steep in a cup of hot water

just as he would with a bag of tea.