A post about Hong Kong

by liliwoo

So before I head to Seoul in a few days (and yes I am pretty excited!) I guess I have to post about my trip to Hong Kong with my family (minus my sister Tricia, who’s currently having the time of her life in California, and will continue to until next summer). We didn’t do much in Hong Kong, but we definitely had fun. Unfortunately, I got too carried away that I didn’t get to take a lot of photos. But I guess that’s better than worrying every second about needing to photograph everything. It’s always better to live the moment.

We were there last June 22 – 24, and it totally rained for the most time we were there. We got drenched in Disneyland. šŸ˜¦

So here are a few things about our trip.


We stayed in Nathan Hotel, which is of course located in Nathan Road. It is a very busy street, and you definitely won’t go hungry no matter what your budget is. There are plenty of places to shop as well, especially with the number of street markets you’ll find (Temple Street, Ladies Market, etc). But personally (and probably because I’m from the Philippines), HK prices are not that impressive. I’ll find the same goods locally and the prices are the same, if not cheaper. I even got cheaper (and nicer) clothes from H&M in Langham Place, Mong Kok.


I forgot where this is, but still around the vicinity of the hotel.


This is the southern end of Temple Street Market, where you’ll probably find a lot of things like clothes, bags, wooden and ceramic ornaments, souvenirs, tech stuff… you name it!


And of course Disneyland… (yes we are this cliche, and yes I had a blast).


This fountain is one of the first things to greet you upon getting to Disneyland.



Here are a lot of souvenir shops.



My favorite ride ever! The acceleration was so intense but reallyyyy fun! I also liked the mines ride with the grizzly bears, what was that called again?


At around 3 PM, we gathered to watch the parade. There’s something overwhelming seeing the characters you love come to life.


Here’s Mickey Mouse!


I have to say Tinkerbell is the quirkiest of them all.


And then here’s Woody.


And the elegant Disney Princesses.


Here’s the It’s a Small World ride, where you’ll ride a boat which will take you to different sections showcasing childrenĀ of different nationalities singing to It’s a Small World in their own language.


Last photo–this way to Adventureland indeed!