Meet Charlie and FitzSimmons

by liliwoo

You probably know who Alex is. You know, that adorable furry brother of mine. I talk about him a lot.

So anyway, I absolutely love Alex. I love dogs. And cats, but I couldn’t have cats because everyone’s afraid Alex will eat the cat, and my family is just plain scared of cats. So I thought owning a cat is out of the question in this household. But one day my sister decided she wants to get a new puppy–a Border Collie. Because I’ve always wanted a cat and my mom figured getting a cat for me will help me get through a bunch of stuff in life, she agreed to get a kitten along with the Border Collie pup so they can be raised together.

So one Monday afternoon, I took home Charlie.


Charlie turned this cat-fearing family into a cat-loving family. He’s just adorable even though he terrorizes the dogs!

A month later, I turned 19 years old. And because I know formed an obsession with cats, I thought getting another cat would be the perfect gift for myself. I know, I know, pets as gifts aren’t nice at all. But it’s a gift for myself so it doesn’t count.

So I got a Ragdoll cat and named him FitzSimmons (after Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons of Agents of Shield, yes).


He was wonderful blue eyes!

Charlie and Fitz are both nice and loving cats, but Charlie is more aloof and Fitz is more playful. And Fitz is best friends with the dogs! It took some time for Charlie to warm up to the dogs while Fitz instantly started playing with them.

Just look at them lying on my lap.