I think my film processing has developed!

by liliwoo

I went back to school this week so I’ve been really busy (doing nothing) and I wasn’t able to update this “blog.”

Anyway, I processed 2 rolls of film in class and I’m proud to say I might have improved! Look at these and compare it to my first ones.


However, I haven’t gotten a film scanner so I had to use my old, cheap and unreliable method of scanning films. 😦 And because of that, I only scanned these two ’cause it will take me forever if I scan everything. One day I’ll get a good scanner!


I couldn’t be more proud that I can quickly load films onto steel reels (nicely) and I’ve done it for the second time only! Even Manong Danny praised me for it. *tears of joy* I won’t be wasting any more films from now on.

I’ll start printing my photos next week. I can’t wait!