What I do not like about the Lomography online shop

by liliwoo

It has got to be bad customer service.

When I first bought from them (I bought a Diana), the delivery was really fast. Two or three days after I placed my order, I got my hands on the camera already. But there was only one issue I had, the frame masks were nowhere to be found (yes, I checked every fold in the box, it wasn’t there).

So I brought this up to customer service, and it took them forever to reply. When they replied, they told me to look carefully in the box. And I already did. But it takes them forever to reply! After a month, they finally resolved to send me a new one. After weeks of waiting, I got a LENS CAP. A FRIGGIN LENS CAP.

So it took a lot of pestering again to get a reply from LSI, only to be told again to look into the box. I was getting really frustrated, it was leading me nowhere. Eventually they agreed to send me a new set of frame masks, which I never got. It was a terrible experience.

Sometime later I told myself I really need a La Sardina, so I used up a few piggies combined with a 20% off discount (that time it was still possible to combine piggies with vouchers) and hoped that there will be no problem. And there was no problem.

Fast forward to two days ago, I finally spent all my hard-earned piggies together with gift credits to buy an LC-Wide because it was at 30% off. I ended up paying 0 USD. I was so happy, until I realized my order has been pending for two days whereas before, I get my item within that amount of time.

I contacted LSI again, and I was told that the order didn’t push through and no payment was captured. I was also told that if I want to order again, I can do so but I should make sure that my card works. WHICH SUCKS, because first, my card works. Second, I didn’t need a card in the first place. I didn’t pay for anything because I used solely gift credits and piggies. Third, they already took my gift credits, how do I order again? Urgh.