The camera that started it

by liliwoo

When I was 13 years old (about five years ago), I encountered an online article written by Macy Alcaraz about an odd-looking camera with four lenses. It was called a SuperSampler. I read further and discovered that there is in fact something called “Lomography Movement.” Back then, I wasn’t too much into those sorts of things but I wanted to get a Lomography camera for myself, for its novelty. But because I was a broke high school student who didn’t understand why I should be paying so much for “obsolete” plastic cameras, I decided against buying it.

Some time after, I got hooked to photography. So when I was 15 years old, my parents gave me a Nikon D90 (which I named Caroline). It’s one of my favorite objects in the world. I’ve been learning so many things from the moment I got it, until now.

But fast forward to this day, DSLRs are a common thing. Everyone has it. Apart from that, the iPhones have sort of killer cameras (I have to admit I love using the iPhone camera). It’s sort of tiring to see (and take) the “same” photos all the time.

That is why on October 2012, I found myself in the Lomography website again. And that time, I didn’t hold back. I just plunged in and got myself my first ever Lomography camera, a Diana F+ (which I named Claudia. I just love naming my cameras haha).