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A post about Hong Kong

So before I head to Seoul in a few days (and yes I am pretty excited!) I guess I have to post about my trip to Hong Kong with my family (minus my sister Tricia, who’s currently having the time of her life in California, and will continue to until next summer). We didn’t do much in Hong Kong, but we definitely had fun. Unfortunately, I got too carried away that I didn’t get to take a lot of photos. But I guess that’s better than worrying every second about needing to photograph everything. It’s always better to live the moment.

We were there last June 22 – 24, and it totally rained for the most time we were there. We got drenched in Disneyland. 😦

So here are a few things about our trip.


We stayed in Nathan Hotel, which is of course located in Nathan Road. It is a very busy street, and you definitely won’t go hungry no matter what your budget is. There are plenty of places to shop as well, especially with the number of street markets you’ll find (Temple Street, Ladies Market, etc). But personally (and probably because I’m from the Philippines), HK prices are not that impressive. I’ll find the same goods locally and the prices are the same, if not cheaper. I even got cheaper (and nicer) clothes from H&M in Langham Place, Mong Kok.

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At one point in my life, I thought things will get better


Meet Charlie and FitzSimmons

You probably know who Alex is. You know, that adorable furry brother of mine. I talk about him a lot.

So anyway, I absolutely love Alex. I love dogs. And cats, but I couldn’t have cats because everyone’s afraid Alex will eat the cat, and my family is just plain scared of cats. So I thought owning a cat is out of the question in this household. But one day my sister decided she wants to get a new puppy–a Border Collie. Because I’ve always wanted a cat and my mom figured getting a cat for me will help me get through a bunch of stuff in life, she agreed to get a kitten along with the Border Collie pup so they can be raised together.

So one Monday afternoon, I took home Charlie.

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I’m back

I honestly thought I would abandon this blog like every other blog I had. But I promised myself I won’t!

So yes, here I am again after 5 months of not saying anything. My life has been boring yet difficult, I couldn’t explain it very well. Maybe one day the chemicals of my brain will go stable and I can comfortably talk about the things I’ve been going through.

So many things has happened since my last post. I’ll be posting something new in a few.

I think my film processing has developed!

I went back to school this week so I’ve been really busy (doing nothing) and I wasn’t able to update this “blog.”

Anyway, I processed 2 rolls of film in class and I’m proud to say I might have improved! Look at these and compare it to my first ones.


However, I haven’t gotten a film scanner so I had to use my old, cheap and unreliable method of scanning films. 😦 And because of that, I only scanned these two ’cause it will take me forever if I scan everything. One day I’ll get a good scanner!


I couldn’t be more proud that I can quickly load films onto steel reels (nicely) and I’ve done it for the second time only! Even Manong Danny praised me for it. *tears of joy* I won’t be wasting any more films from now on.

I’ll start printing my photos next week. I can’t wait!

I made a Tumblr account. Again.

I’ve been trying to steer clear of Tumblr because in my whole life, I made 3 accounts before and they end up being inactive!

So here you go, my new Tumblr!

I will not abandon that one, I promise. 🙂

So in my WordPress I’ll do more talking, and in my Tumblr it will be all visuals.

Christmas card from a bored and vain person


Favorite Instax portrait yet




Gazing at the city lights


A year ago.